Children Feeding Project

Children Feeding Project


Every Day millions of children throughout the world wake up in the morning and go to school, hungry without having a single slice of bread for breakfast.


Their only hope is that a friend or even the school might provide them with something to eat.


In the time it’s taken you the read the three lines above, 4 children have died from hunger. THAT’S A FACT AND REALITY OF THE POOR AND DESTITUTE WORLD WIDE.


In a world full of technology, millions of people, show that they care: - by retweeting, liking the page on Facebook or share the information with friends or family etc. but guess what?


4 children still die every minute from Hunger


Donate.  It’s the money that puts food in children’s mouths and saves lives of the innocents


There is no better time than:-


Right Now:-  to make that giant leap from sitting on the side lines to being actively involved in saving lives.


DONATE ONE DOLLAR AND PROVIDE A MEAL FOR 5 CHILDREN TODAY and proudly tweet or post on facebook.


“I donated one Dollar and saved the lives of 5 Children today,” Now that’s something to be really proud about because there are billions of people out there that can’t yet make that claim.

You stood up and got involved.


Donating is so easy:- Just follow the link below

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