Hospice Care

AIDS continues to devastate South Africa. Patients arrive every day at our door ravaged by the disease. Stigma and lack of accessibility to appropriate health care leave many people unable to care for themselves. They come to Sparrow because they know that they will be given the best care we can provide and we do so without judgement. Unfortunately sometimes, current medical treatment may not be able to save them but Sparrow gives them a safe and loving place to live out the rest of their lives. Fortunately, for more and more of them, we are able to nurse them back to reasonable health.

We give them hope as well as Anti-Retrovirals and the combination of these two powerful remedies, has ensured that many of our patients get a new lease on life. They will always have the virus but now AIDS can become a manageable disease.

Chronic Care 

Sparrow also provides chronic care for the destitute. Although our numbers of beds are limited, we continue to care for those patients who have no home to go to or family to nurse them. All of our patients are special and deserving of proper nursing, healthy nutrition and a place to feel safe and loved.


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